How to be a Mentalist? Full lesson by world renowned mentalizer and motivational speaker Ehud Segev

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Опубликован в 06 Jan 2021 / В Странное

Would you like to be a mentalist? You want to learn the secrets of mentalism and be able to read minds? What is she thinking? What does he think?
Welcome to the first of it's kind online YouTube course that will teach you the secret of the mentalists.
Mentalists are just “regular” folks who have a deep knowledge (though not necessarily an academic degree) of human psychology and behavior, as well as sharp powers of observation and deduction. In many ways, a great mentalist is not that different from a great detective, who carefully collects verbal and non-verbal clues from which he can reach a conclusion.
Tap into your mind’s power!
Did you ever watch such TV shows as “Lie To Me,” “The Mentalist” or “Psych?” If you never did, try to catch some episodes, because they will give you a good idea of what mentalizers do. They use their highly developed mental acuity and powers of observation to read and analyze body language, or rely on Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) to help people achieve a higher level of personal or professional development.
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